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How to become a webcam model?

This is a small manual to help people get steady work from home providing erotic webcam shows. I have to say in advance that this job is not for everyone. Like any other occupation, being a webcam model has its advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of working with webcam

Disadvantages of working as a webcam entertainer

The negative side of this work depends very much on the personality and personal situation of each individual. For example, I love cybersex with strangers, but for my neighbor it would be a punishment. Some are embarrassed to show how they masturbate, others love it and do it gladly. For most people the biggest drawback is the chance to meet an acquaintance, but this risk is minimal because you can always choose not to be visible in certain countries.

What are the requirements to work as a webcam model?

To work as a webcam model you should be at least 18 years old, have a computer connected to Internet, a web camera with good image quality, a microphone to speak and perform with sound, and look forward to work and earn money.


Create your own individual account (for one person):

To create your account click on the "REGISTER NOW" on the registration page.

  1. Create an account (EASY REGISTRATION).
  2. Complete the forms and requirements.
  3. Strict rules for the registration of models. Before appearance on the web, webcam models must undergo a strict registration process that consists of the main steps below:
    • The declaration of authenticity of personal data and the age stated in the agreement signed by the Model.
    • Sending a scanned copy of your ID or passport with photo.
    • Take a photo of the Model, compare that photo with photo ID or passport next to your face.
  4. All data is inspected by the recording equipment, applying immediate and permanent suspension in case a screen name is offensive, it relates to adolescence, or there is the slightest suspicion of forgery.

Create your master or advanced account (for couples, groups and studios):

  1. Create an master account (ADVANCED REGISTRATION).
  2. Registration of individual accounts inside master account.

Once you complete the registration form, if your personal details are correct, as well as submited pictures and documents, we will approve your account within 24 hours and you can start to work.

How it works and what is all about?

There are 2 modes of chat: the "Free Chat Mode" and the "Private Chat". In the free chat you do not get paid, but you use it to capture customers and persuade them to enter your private chat, where you earn per minute. It is forbidden to show any nudity or any kind of explicit sex on free chat, that is reserved for private chat.

The Videochat has 2 types of users: the "guest" and the "member". The guest is an unregistered user and therefore has not tried yet the service, but can become a member at any time just by registering. The member is a registered user, and can take you in private at any time to consume their purchased credits, it is here, in private, where you start to earn for every minute you entertain the customer in your private room.

How much money will I earn?

Webcam models earn a 35% comission of the price per minute, the other 65% goes to advertising / promotion to attract customers to videochat and management / maintenance of infrastructure.

The price is set by each model, so you will decide yourself, and ranges from $0.98 - 0.70€ to $6.99 - 5.2€ per minute, while the average price is usually $1.99 - 1.50€, in this case you earn $0.70 - 0.53€ per minute.

Is that not enough? you can always start your own webcam business too, but then you will not get customers that automatically come to chat with you, you have to invest yourself in advertising and promotion to attract paying clients, and manage payments and all that stuff involved when selling directly to the end customer.

If you register here your room will be promoted in preference, you just have to sign up and start working immediately, the average time it takes to get a private chat client is 5-10 minutes, and can have up to 6 customers simultaneously in private, so you can earn 6 times your commission per minute.

How much will I earn per month working with the webcam?

The amount of money you can earn working with the webcam depends on several factors, including price per minute, the number of minutes you worked, the time you are connected to your camera, the number of users who get "hooked" (users fall in love with you and do not stop buying and so on.) But if you work every day a couple of hours, surely you'll get good money home at the end of the month.

How do I get paid?

The payments are made biweekly in U.S. dollars using one of three methods of payment below:

  1. RECOMMENDED: Visa (ePassporte account) or Mastercard (Payoneer account) Debit Card (you can get one for FREE at registration). Operating all around the world, you access the money from your account at any ATM (flat fee $2 - 1.50€ for any amount and any ATM) and free at any merchant that accepts Visa or Mastercard (fee 0). No commission on currency exchange.
  2. Check. Checks will be sent by mail in U.S. dollars and may take 2 weeks to arrive. Your bank will charge fees for depositing a check, and if you are in Europe, another commission by switching dolards to euros.
  3. Bank Transfer. Deposit into your bank account. The transfer has a fee of approximately $35 - 25€.

How to get more clients and make more money?

There are millions of girls and boys daily broadcasting at all hours at the videochat, but at the same time there are millions of users around the world buying these services. To make real money on this you will need to be original and stand out from the mass to attract customers to your private room, and then get to entertain and engage them so that they want to come back.

Well, with this you will have enough to start your work as webcam model (women, men, trans, or couple with webcam). If you want to expand your possibilities and make more money, you can do several things to capture and retain customers.

Loyalty of the users in your chat room is the key to success, if you can create a personal relationship with the visitor, and he falls for you, he will return to spend more time with you. You have to treat the users of your chat room with love, and be creative in order to be different from other models that do the same job.

Some ideas to grab the attention for example: Put your camera in the shower, dress up like Little Red Riding Hood, or a nurse... Make yourself different from the rest is what matters here.

By registering here your room will be promoted preferably, attracting more new customers to your private room.

Do not hesitate a second longer, start earning money now!

Basic rules to work as a webcam entertainer

The rules listed below must be followed by anyone who registers to work with webcam:

  1. Must be of legal age and have a valid and approved registration.
  2. It is Prohibited the dissemination of pre-recorded video or still image instead of the live camera broadcast.
  3. It is forbidden to ask, give and ask for personal information to customers, for example, email addresses, Yahoo, MSN, ICQ, etc.
  4. Any kind of personal contact with customers, offering escort services, prostitution, or begging for money is against the rules.
  5. Anything that suggests pedophilia, bestiality, incest or eschatology will result in immediate and permanent suspension.
  6. Advertising other websites or chat services is strictly prohibited.
  7. In the "Free Chat Mode", and in the category of "non nude" or in the galleries of photos for visitors, it is forbidden to show partially or fully naked private parts, masturbation or imitation of masturbation (even with clothes) or the use of sex toys. This is only allowed in "Private Chat".
  8. In the category of "nude" you provide erotic shows to customers who ask you on private chat, never on free chat.
  9. All registered webcammers should always be visible and recognizable in the area of the camera and in pictures, in other words, must show face. If you are concerned about the possibility of meeting someone you know, use the option of banning/blocking countries where you do not want to appear. The webcammer must comply with the chosen categories, which will be listed when you log in, number of people, clothing, etc.
  10. In case of misleading customers about their gender, for example, announced in "girls" being a transsexual, the customer is entitled to claim a refund of the money for all the "private show".
  11. You are not allowed to use the phone, eat or sleep in the area of the camera, or ignore users on the free chat. Please use English language to chat with visitors on free chat.
  12. You have the right to ban or prohibit rude users in your free chat room. Derogatory statements about other models or customers are prohibited.
  13. The name of the website where you will work internationally is LiveJasmin.com, although the room is promoted on a lot many other websites. Note that you are not employed but self-employed.
  14. The model transfers to LiveJasmin unrestricted full license to use, distribute, reproduce, display, perform, publish, modify, adapt, translate, transmit, sell, import, export, promote and / or create derivative works of the productions in any medium, or technology whether now known or developed in the future. You further agree that LiveJasmin is the only owner and holder of the copyright and other intellectual property rights in and to any derivative works created from the productions.
  15. In case of breach of contract by the model, $10 will be deducted from the earnings, and if it happens a second time $5 more will be deducted.
  16. If the breach is to advertise other websites or services, or to ask for private information, or ask the customer for money, $5 will be deducted from profit after the first warning, and twice the previous amount in all successive occasions.
  17. Note that this basic list of rules is not inclusive and does not contain all possible violations, therefore an act not mentioned above could be described as breach of contract after weighing the situation. LiveJasmin reserves the right to modify these rules at any time.
  18. The violation of the rules is considered breach of contract and could lead to the deduction of money, account suspension or immediate ban on the website.

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